Designed for Personal Drummer. Requires Beatbuddy MANAGER SOFTWARE TO LOAD It.

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BeatBuddy Manager v (Mac) and v1.6.5 (PC)

July 27, 2016

What’s new?

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Download For Mac


  • Auto-update: Improvements/bug fixes/etc we make in the future will automatically be applied.
  • MIDI Editor: It is in its beta stages, so we recommend using it only for simple tasks. Anything complex requiring a MIDI editor, we suggest using a 3rd party MIDI editor.
  • 500 note limit on MIDI files removed. You can now import colossal-sized MIDI files !
  • Bug Fixes

BeatBuddy Firmware v 3.8.0 (“The MIDI Maestro Support Update”)

Nov, 2019

What’s new?

Download Firmware



A whole lot of awesome new features. Read about each one of them here.

Default BeatBuddy Drumset updates

August 29, 2019

What’s new?

Download All Updated Drumsets In A Single Package

or individual drum sets:

Brushes Drumset v2.0

Dance Drumset v2.0

Ethereal Drumset v2.0

Jazz Drumset v2.0

Latin Drumset v2.0

Metal Drumset v2.0

Percussion Drumset v2.0

Rock Drumset v2.0

Standard Drumset v2.0

Voice Drumset v2.0



This is part of a major default content overhall, conducted over several months and released on Aug 29, 2019.

Read all about it here.

Default BeatBuddy Content v2.0

August 29, 2019

What’s new?

Download SD Card backup v2.0


This SD card backup contains all updated default drumsets as well as additional Hand Percussion Beats mini and Ballad Beats mini songs.




Visit our TUTORIALS section to watch “how to” videos